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Classiclunatic Home Page.

Welcome to my Classiclunatic home page. I am a LUNC holder. It makes sense right? I decided to make this site to provide information about the recovery journey of LUNC and USTC and beyond. It provides minute by minute snapshot data retrieved from the Terra API and price updates from the Binance API. The site is still under construction so pages and more content will appear as time passes but for now I have 3 working pages in the links above. Summary Data, Lunc Snapshots and USTC snapshots. Summary Data will give you a overview that updates automatically every minute. The snapshot pages allow you to look back at the snapshot data I have retrieved up until now. The data starts near the end of June.

Cookies are something you will not find on this site. If you feel like one I suggest you look in your cookie jar (you did get some on the last shopping trip didn't you?).

I provide this information freely and have no affiliations with Terraform Labs.